The Ferro Family Story


Ferro/ Fe

“Fe”: What’s the connection to the Ferro Family Name?

The Italian surname, Ferro translates as “Iron” in English. Iron is one of the natural elements found in the periodic table, and its abbreviation is: Fe. The early “Ferros” were ironworkers, hence, the name: Ferro. Eventually, our family found their passion for wine making and they have been perfecting the art ever since.

We know for sure that our family has been making wines for at least six generations, and our passion continues as Dr. Enrique Ferro (founder of Ferro Family Wines) travels the world, consulting for various vineyards and wineries in Mexico, Italy, France, and throughout the US. By assisting in the growing of grapes and overseeing the making of wines in so many different areas, he has been able to help beautifully finish juices from many different climates and cultures. He is now ready to put his signature on his creations, Ferro Family Wines. You’ll get a true taste of the world when you taste our wines. Each varietal will have a distinguished flavor that we are sure you will love.

When Enrique is at home, in Southern California’s Temecula wine country, we find him on a daily basis tinkering in his lab, discovering just the right harmony of flavors that will leave your taste buds tantalized and will compliment any meal.

Enrique’s Father, Stefano Ferro, migrated from Piedmont, Italy to Mexico in 1931 at the age of 23 years old, and had to carefully transport his grapes aboard the ship he voyaged on. He didn’t speak a word of Spanish! After settling in Ensenada, he persevered to become a successful and respected name in the wine industry. He went on to receive an official award as a pioneer of the grape growing and wine making trade and was able to pass his winemaking traditions and knowledge to his son, Enrique.

Mary FerroEnrique and his beloved wife, Mary Magdalena Ferro, raised three children (Stefania, Enrico, and Tino) and have three beautiful grandchildren now. Sadly, Mary passed away in April of 2014, but she lives in each of our hearts and is held in the highest esteem as we carry on our family traditions of cooking and pairing our lovely wines. No one can recreate her recipes exactly, but her son, Tino, likes to try. She was a marvelous cook and a wonderful inspiration to all she came in contact with. She is missed dearly.

We hope to continue the Ferro legacy by offering wines that are of the highest caliber in quality and flavor, keeping our commitment to our customers to deliver only the best. From our family, to yours, we sincerely thank you for your business.