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The Very Useful Wine Decanter

In this age of fast food, fast cars, mass transit, instant communication and instant gratification, the very idea of slowing down to decant a bottle of wine seems somehow an artifact of a bygone era.  An anachronism.  We want our wine and we want it now.  Straight out of the bottle and into the glass, just like we like our beer.  The wine decanter does harken back to an earlier, gentler time.  It releases the soul of wine.  The soul of an unhurried process that began with the sun shining down on grapes slowly ripening on the vine, to the picking at the right time, to the fermentation, and onto the final bottling and aging. It is the very nature of wine, fine wine that is, to be savored, to be coaxed to reveal its true nature.  To be allowed to open up and tell us its story.  Like a.
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Pairing Wines with Cheeses

By Enrique Ferro The following are the pairings of wines with different families of cheese made with goat, sheep, cow milk. The last one, has more variability based on the consistency of the paste such as : soft, firm, firm pressed, hard etc. and styles such as Dutch, Blues, etc. 1) GOAT CHEESE: It pairs with light body white wines such as Pinot grigio, Vermentino, Chenin blanc, Erbaluce, Trebbiano, Friulano, Sauvignon blanc from Sancerre, Vinho verde, etc. 2) SHEEP CHEESE: They are paired with both whites and red wines, sweet whites, Malvasia, Moscato,Tokaj and light reds such as Claret, Beaujolais, Tavel Rose’, Cabernet franc de la Loire, etc. 3) COW CHEESE: There are several styles depending on paste consistency, etc. such as: soft paste, creamy styles; wash rind ; firmed paste pressed; hard paste fermented; Dutch styles and Blue styles. a) soft paste creamy: Philadelphia, Ricotta, Saint Nectaire, etc. pair.
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Enrique enters International Competition Ensenada Tierra del Vino

We are thrilled to announce that in June of this year, Enrique entered his signature wines in an international competition, (Ensenada Tierra del Vino) that was held in Ensenada Mexico. The International Wine competition featured wines from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Bulgaria and South Africa. Enrique Ferro (founder of Ferro Family Wines) took home a gold medal for his 2012 Merlot, and the 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2013 Chardonnay, each won a silver medal. The award was based on the definitions of the international code of enological practices and judged by a panel of national and international judges, chosen by the organizing committee. The judges were screened to ensure they were extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the field of wine tasting. Congratulations Enrique! For more information on this completion, and to view the photo gallery, click here..
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Pairing Wines with Food

Like a good marriage, wine and food were meant for each other. Each enhances and strengthens the experience of the whole. So why is it so daunting to try to pair foods with wines? Rumor has it that there are hefty laundry lists of rules and regulations that require strict adherence in order to obtain the perfect wine and food pairing. Rule #1 states that there are NO rules when matching your favorite wines with your beloved recipes, sure there are hints and popular, even “famous” matches, but ultimately the best match is what pleases your palate. It is truly personal preference. That said, here are some hints to help you determine what might be palate pleasing for you personally. Wine and Food Flavor Interactions First let’s consider flavor interactions. You are only able to detect four distinct flavors with your tongue: sweet, sour, salty and bitter; while your nose.
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